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Deriving from the Swahili language, Kilima, refers to the hills in Africa.
Kilima Coffee specialises in sourcing the finest beans from fair trade farms at high altitude around the African continent.
It is there that the coffee plant flourishes, producing the best coffee beans. The combination of a perfect coffee bean and an excellent roasting process creates one of the best coffees in the world.


Our coffee has a unique texture - suitable for any climate, throughout the year, no matter where you are in the world; a roasted coffee that is made in a special way and accessible to everyone. Easily, the best family coffee.

We pride ourselves in:

Excellence, integrity and to deliver the best service to our customers & business partners.


Kilima Coffee, a Johannesburg based manufacturing and distribution company, supplies many traders and consumers, both locally and internationally. We're proud to support one of the most important social and cultural practices - drinking an excellent cup or mug of coffee together. In Africa family is a place for communicating and collaborating. A great cup of coffee stimulates creation and interaction, and adds passion for life!.

100% Arabica.

Secret blend

Kilima Coffee is made from a secret blend of the finest African Arabica beans.

Smooth texture

It has a unique taste, smooth texture, and an intense flavour that can be enjoyed in any climate throughout the year, no matter where you are in the world.

Strong aroma

The delicious, strong aroma is evidence of this exquisite quality from the African soil.


Our Products, Our Pride.

Every packet purchased donates R2.50
to Zinhle OVC Aftercare Foundation and Vosloorus Wellness Team for the Aged.

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Coffee plunger lifestyle

In Africa, what we call the "plunger lifestyle" is still only a reality for those living in the urban population. Many of us have grown up in homes where the use of instant coffee, not the plunger, was and is still the norm.

Plunger coffee produces a heavy-bodied drink that is richly flavoured and aromatic. Ground coffee is put into the container and covered by freshly boiled water for several minutes. This releases oils and essences from the coffee. Kilima Coffee plungers come in one size which is 850ml.

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Free delivery in South Africa

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Social Responsibility

We have an amazing and diverse team.

Team of retired citizens

This is an amazing team of great retired individuals who chose not to sit back and "do nothing" but to make wellness and health a priority in their lives. Most are over 60 but boldly compete locally and nationally. They train all year round, Monday to Thursday from 7 to 9 in the morning and are inspiring people, setting a very good example for the local youth and entire community - showing that health at any age is important for every individual [and it has nothing to do with economic privilege, age, or state of health].

What they lack are proper facilities, they lack a sponsor for travelling about as they compete, and they just need a financial vote of confidence, perhaps from you or your company, to expand their initiative into something more of a benchmark or good example to follow.

Who knows what this initiative might grow into? I can only imagine the possibilities!

Care-givers for OVC [Orphaned & Vulnerable Children]

This is an initiate [Zinhle OVC Aftercare] started by one concerned school principal in the community after realizing that a number of her young scholars were from homes without parents or proper family structure [in SA they are called: child-headed households/homes].

Many are OVCs due to the HIV and AIDS epidemic that has left a lot of children living on their own. What the initiative entails is providing aftercare services to children still in primary school [grades: 0-7] before they head back to their homes for the night. This means that the children receive the following from care-givers:

  • One cooked meal a day [very critical as many do not have anything]
  • Medicine intake is monitored [includes those who are already unwell]
  • Uniforms are washed and ironed for the next day [for peer dignity]
  • Help with homework and school work [every child deserves such]
  • Some recreational activity [sport, etc.]


Feel free to say hello, we'd to help!

Dedicated to deliver the best service to our customers and business partners.

Kilima Coffee - South Africa

PO Box 7731 Albemarle, 1410 Gauteng
South Africa

+27 (0)73 433 5866
+27 (0)86 767 5621

Kilima Coffee - Australia

7/40 Highfield Road, Quakers Hill 2763, NSW Sydney

+61 (0)422 425 580

For any customer feedback
kindly send us an email:


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